Kalisundam Raa Full movie features Venkatesh And Simran in lead roles. Brahmandam, Ali, K Viswanath, Srihari among others. Directed by UdayaShankar and Produced by D Ramanaidu. Music Composed by SA Raj Kumar.

Raghaviah(K Vishwanath) and Ram Mohan(Rama Mohan) are brothers in-law. But Rammohan is at loggerhead with Raghavaiah because of a family feud. Raghavaiah is nearing his 60's and its time for his 'shastipoorti' ceremony. It's time for gathering, folks! Upon incessant request from his wife, Raghavaiah decides to invite (for the first time) his daughter-in-law and grandsons who are staying in Bombay.[1]

Raghu(Venky) is the alienated handsome grandson of Raghavaiah. After arriving at Ramapuram from Bombay, he faces embarrassment from the members of Raghavaiah's family. There he meets a childlike beauty Manga(Simran). Manga and Raghu play few pranks on each other and slowly they fall deep in love. But they never admit their love to each other. With his unconditional love towards the family members, Raghu wins the confidence and hearts of them.

Later on Raghu comes to know the real flashback behind the feud between the families of Raghavaiah and RamMohan. Raghu's father is supposed to marry the daughter of RamMohan. Raghu's father prefers his college flame to the maternal uncle's daughter. He leaves for Mumbai and gets married to his sweetheart. A disappointed daughter of Rammohan opts for suicide.

Rammohan blames it on Raghavaiah and starts treating him indifferently. Sri Hari, the fiery son of RamMohan, is another victim in the incident. He develop prejudice against Raghavaiah and aims for his blood.

After a few days of timely strategic manipulation, Raghu succeeds in bringing the two troubled families together. Then they decides to marry Manga off to a guy from RamMohan's family to tighten their family bonds. Raghu sacrifices his love in order to make sure that everybody is happy.

As the preparations are going on for the wedding of Manga, they finds that Manga is amiss in which towards the climax they will get married. 


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