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Axl Hazarika, the Indie rock artist, has become the first Assamese to be officially launched by VEVO, the world's no. 1 music site. VEVO, a joint venture of Sony Music, Universal Music and EMI, exclusively released the music video of Axl Hazarika's superhit Hindi song 'Hum Badal Gaye' on Thursday.  
The title track of northeast India's first animation film, Hum Badal Gaye's audio version has already gained around half a million views on YouTube and over 2 million plays on SoundCloud. It rocked YouTube music charts soon after its release last year and became one of the hottest Indie rock songs in India and the cyberspace. Now that Axl has won VEVO's backing after the making of Hum Badal Gaye's music video, the song is expected to make an even wider appeal to the global audience. The video is based on the friendship between a boy and a cat.
It appears like VEVO was gobsmacked by the hit Indian song to launch Axl Hazarika as the first Indian rockstar on the world's most famous music website. The song marks a global breakthrough of Indian Indie rock music amidst Bollywood songs dominating the nation. It all sounds super-exciting for Indian music lovers since VEVO will finally feature an Indian rock artist.
"It came to me as a big surprise that VEVO decided to launch my song. I can't be happier. I'm really excited and just hope that people continue to like my music." , said Axl Hazarika in the release event.
"It sounds great that VEVO will finally feature an Indian Rock artist.", says John Henry, the producer of the music video from Ireland.

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